Trust is a tricky thing. When we have a door closed on us or we lose someone or we epically stuff up, it’s easy to become afraid that there is no feasible way to fix what was. When solutions are too far out of our reach, we can begin to panic, leading our minds into over-drive wondering how the hell we are going to get out of the deep muck.

In situations where there doesn’t seem to be an easy answer, surrender and trust is our best course of action. It’s not giving up. It’s acknowledging that we are unable to achieve the vision that is designed for us without a little help. We have no choice but to get out of the way and allow the benevolent love that wants nothing but joy for us to pick up the pieces on our behalf.

How many times have we fretted about a situation that miraculously turned around? Often the outcome, orchestrated without our input, was far better than we could have ever imagined. Of course we still have to fix what we can and make amends and do our absolute best, but we also have to acknowledge that a lot of the good breaks we have received had more to do with allowing it to happen rather than taking control and making it happen.

As humans we are built to make mistakes. It’s the only way that we can become better. We have to get it wrong in order to find clarity about what is right for us. The power that surrounds us knows this and would never lead us down a path that couldn’t be adjusted if a change in direction was required.

We are all beautifully and undeniably flawed. If we are willing to recognise this, then we can truly be set free. We didn’t come here with all the answers. We arrived with the willingness to learn and grow, and to experience the full depth of what it means to be human. Let’s face it, if we were meant to be angelic we would have all been equiped with some kick-ass wings.

The only thing we can be sure of in this life is that we will stuff things up. That doesn’t give us license to go around and do whatever we want, but we do have to follow the path designed for us and release the need to please everyone in the process or we’ll never get anything done.

People are not always going to understand our actions, but the unseen hand that guides us will never judge us or condemn us for our shortcomings. People however, will condemn you until the cows come home. But who out there is getting it right all the time? I’ll tell you, no one.

One of the tough things about being a control freak is staying in faith when we can’t see a way out. Staying present and reminding ourselves that we are in fact safe and protected and seeing evidence of this fact goes a long way to reassure us. We are loved far beyond our knowing and we are not being judged or punished. What happens to us is all part of our life tapestry.

When we show gratitude during the times that doors are closed to us as well as when they are magically opened, we demonstrate that we get it. We recognise that we are not in control of everything but we trust that it’s all in hand. Instead of always seeking to understand when it doesn’t make sense, we need to seek peace and patience and have faith in the big picture.

What is put on our path is always right for our unique journey. Even the ghastly errors. Our job is to get on with the task of being human and enjoy this incredible experience. Let the powers that spoke worlds into existence take care of the heavy lifting for us. Our primary concern is to remain in a state of gratitude, faith, trust and hope and focus on love and not on fear.

At the end of our lives are we going to be thankful that we followed our hearts even when we got it wrong? or be miserable that we followed the expectations of the crowd?

Get in there and make a big mess. Eventually it will all make sense.

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