Rules to live by

Patience is a virtue, but it sure is hard to maintain all of the time. Just persist with it, it gets easier. Impatient people are annoying.

Always smile at people. Most will think you are nuts and wont smile back but one day when you least expect it someone will return a brilliant smile and it will make your day. Just be prepared that you may also think that they are a little nuts.

Things go wrong. You will feel pain. Fix what you can and keep a sense of humour about it. No one likes a whinger.

Friendships come and go but the ones you maintain over the years compound in interest and pay Blue-chip dividends.

No matter how bad things get, you won’t starve. Well, hopefully not for long.

Life is set up to cushion your many falls. Don’t be afraid to trip up figuratively or literally. It gets the heart pumping and you are forced to laugh at yourself.

No one lives exactly like you do, thinks exactly like you or can replicate your exact concerns so stop judging, analysing and arguing. It’s a complete waste of your valuable time.

Do many things that matter and matter to the people that you really love. If you say you are going to do something, do it. Commitment is everything. Not showing up when you say you are going to is the pits. If you are planning to do that, stop it now.

Believe in whatever makes you happy but don’t try and force your beliefs onto others. They won’t hear it unless it resonates with them. Leave the preaching to the preachers, they’re getting paid handsomely for it.

Try not to say I told you so, no matter how good it might make you feel. It’s irritating.

Compliment people when you genuinely mean it and be gracious when someone compliments you. If you don’t believe them, realise it’s just your ego disagreeing and your all-knowing, powerful omnipotent self knows the truth.

There’s nothing wrong with ‘I am totally awesome’ being your daily mantra.

You can never agree enough with your friend’s plans and goals regardless if they seem far-fetched or in the worst case insanely ridiculous. Reassurance and the knowledge that someone strong is backing you can lead to miracles. Plus, if they win the lotto they are more likely to share it with you.

Thank the Universe daily for all it provides and it does provide everything. Life is in perfect flow and so are you, even when it doesn’t feel that way. On some days you may feel like you want to smash your face into a brick wall or maybe someone else’s but no matter. You will always return to this fundamental truth.

You are perfect. It’s not just your Mum telling you, it is actually true. Designed perfectly for the life you have chosen. Stop wasting your time trying to achieve some ridiculously perceived ideal of perfection. You are already there.

Enjoy your so called ‘flaws’ and embrace your unique quirks. You are magnificent in every sense. Barbie and Ken have nothing on you. Besides they’re made of plastic.

Tell someone when you are feeling a bit rough and let them have a go at making you feel better. Real friends don’t mind if you lean on them, just don’t abuse it. You don’t want to be the bothersome friend that everyone talks about when you are not there.

Thank yourself for maintaining your brilliant existence every day.

Don’t get hung up on timing. Things will happen when they are good and ready not when you are. Try to make peace with this and not see it as something that sucks beyond belief.

Human lives are a complicated net of experiences, work, constant learning and gaining of knowledge, giving and loving. See all of these things as infinite blessings and not crosses to bear.

When things seem difficult ask yourself, ‘is this something I really want to pursue? Is it worth the blood, sweat and tears I need to give to make it work?’ You may be surprised that most of the time the answer is yes, but if it isn’t, be brave and move on. Great things take work, but you can’t turn a turd into a diamond. Well, except if you are a powerful sorcerer, which odds are sadly you’re not.

Keep your food plate fresh and clean and try not to eat too much crap. To be light in weight means that you can spring out of bed in the morning, run like the wind with little resistance and you can fit through smaller gaps that might help you get to the front of your favourite concert.

Play music, listen to music, sing and dance often. These acts are mandatory. Music is restorative and is the key to instantly improving your mood.

There is always so much more to learn even though you may feel you have already acquired so much. When you are giving, serving, loving, sharing and expressing your true nature you achieve a pure state of joy and this is where you find your greatest sense of peace.

Give up looking for a ‘purpose’ if it isn’t easily forthcoming. Concentrate on living consciously and your purpose will present itself. Even if you are working in a seemingly crappy job you are still on track. You’ll eventually look back and see how the threads wove together to make up your incredible life.

When you feel negativity and pain, you are not in tune with who you truly are and it hurts like hell. This isn’t a state you should aspire to achieve.

When you are conscious and authentic, you are in your truth and the right people and opportunities will flock toward you. You will shine brighter than a mirror ball with fifty torches pointed at it.

We each have a light that is blinding, many, many gifts and a bucket load to share in this life. So get on with it and finish what you start.

And finally always feel safe in the knowing that amidst all the chaos in your life there is always stillness, hope and peace. You just have to seek it out.

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