Write your own story

It’s easy to allow someone else to write your story, especially when we have failed or made a mistake that we can’t take back. A bad perception held by another can easily crush any good feelings we have about ourselves.  Yet no one can take your smile without your permission. It’s really important to still witness your light even when you know you may have missed the mark.

The kindest thing you can do is to hold onto the positive beliefs you have about yourself and then carve them securely in stone. If you have to wait for someone to approve of you before you can feel good about yourself you might have to wait a while. Try learning to love yourself even more completely when you stuff up. Accept your flaws and your complex human traits. Your worth isn’t related to how perfect you are, you are worthy because you are here. Because you exist.

It’s imperative to embrace yourself right now in your entirety and start accomplishing your dreams. You have the ability to begin straight away with your warts and scars completely on show. No one ever sets out to cause harm and as this life requires us to cross over into each others spheres, any kind of mess can occur. No matter how hard you try, it’s incredibly hard to successfully keep out of the muck.

So get into the space where you believe you are worthy despite your short comings. Get into the space that supports your growth instead of stunting it. You can only hide your light away for so long. It needs to be revealed and not concealed. Understand that you can still forge ahead and make progress even though things might not have exactly gone to plan.

If you wait until that magical moment when you think you have it all together to get started you’ll never begin. We will probably never have it all together. We are in a constant state of change. A work in progress. A path of learning and becoming. Being inherently flawed doesn’t mean that are not inherently favoured. We too quickly slip and forget that we are all so incredibly and undeniably worthwhile when we make mistakes or fail in some way.

Be gentle with yourself and get rid of the guilt, the fear and the condemnation. God and the Universe will have your back when you approach the bench fearlessly with forgiveness and love in your heart and ask for what you are seeking. Knowing that you haven’t got it all figured out yet. Knowing that underneath that t-shirt of yours is an actual six-pack of some ghastly beer and not the physical representation of Ken or Barbie.

Realise that you were made in the image of the most loving Creator which means you are definitely spot on in every way. You can never be abandoned by the unseen hand that guides you, so please don’t abandon yourself.

You are not what people think of you, unless they think that you are awesome. You are love and joy and perfection and you are in a constant state of learning. Just hang onto your hat during the toughest storms and ride and enjoy the bountiful waves of this incredible life.

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