True connections

True connections are as rare as they are beautiful.

You know who they are. They are like a song in your heart that you can’t stop singing.

Sometimes you meet someone that is so inexplicably incredible, who makes your heart hum with excitement, that it feels as if they must have been delivered to you by an unseen hand. So you try to explain it to yourself in a way that leads you into believing that there is indeed some kind of order in this crazy world.

Call it love, call it whatever you want. Whatever it is, it fills you up and reaches into the darkest pockets of your heart and shines a light.

Loving someone, holding them, praying for them changes us. It heals us and reshapes us and there’s nothing more potent, healing or important than love. You can survive by yourself but why would you want to? Pure connections are our direct link to the Divine.

Like the Creator of all things, true connections know who you really are, or are at least willing to see the perfection underneath the difficult aspects of humanity.

What a remarkable gift that is, that someone might be able to glimpse your light even if you are unable to see it for yourself.

With a true connection you generally find yourself saying; how I can be better? Show me how I can be all that I can be so that this union brings me closer to the truth and not further from it. Let me know Heaven on Earth so that I can transform all the pain, all the hurt and be reminded that there is an enormous amount of light. Light in me, light in others and then we will be absolutely convinced that together we can achieve ascension.

It might not be easy. You may have a lot of stuff that presents with someone who you really connect with. They may push your buttons like no one else but in most cases they are harassing you into the person you need to be. They love you so much that they are willing to go into the muck to bring you to expansion. To help you reach your highest potential.

Finding enlightenment through relationship is no mean feat. But by opening ourselves up to trust and to be truly vulnerable we can learn to differentiate between what is learned human behaviour and what actually lies behind the programming and the mask we all wear.

We can learn to perceive the purity of another by peeking behind the curtain of our human traits in order to witness the truth.

By stripping it all back we might allow ourselves to discover that the Source of all things exists within us and finally see that we are all masterpieces designed and created in the perfect reflection of love.

Remember that in every face you pass, what is truly present is Source, light and love. That’s why you need to view all of humanity with such gentleness, kindness and curiosity. You just don’t know who might have a dance card at the ready with your name printed all over it.

So strap on your shoes in anticipation, and be prepared to learn to tackle some seriously complicated but blissfully wonderful steps under the great disco ball that we call life.

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