Closed door, open heart

One of the most freeing moments in life is when you find out that you can’t have what you want. You may have invested time and energy, vulnerability and even love into pursing it but it turns out the door is securely fastened and no amount of prying is going to open it.

There are some important points to note here; you didn’t get it wrong, it’s not your fault and there’s no need to beat yourself down to reduce it to something meaningless. Maybe you could have done better but I’m sure you know exactly where the details went awry. Regardless, pack all of your intricate learnings into the suitcase of experience and carry it proudly toward the next adventure.

When it’s downright plain it’s not yours, you need to accept it. Some doors just aren’t open to us no matter how shiny and dazzling they look. Sometimes it’s more about the exploration and the attempt than it is about the actual having. Hopefully it means that there is something far more in line with what you need than you can currently see and it’s still on its way but in a different form.

When the realisation strikes that it is just not going to happen, you find that you can suddenly breathe again. You can finally give yourself permission to release all the strain, exhale and move confidently forward.

You can learn so much from a closed door by standing back and noting how small that door actually is and in comparison how infinite the space is around it.

Sometimes our view has narrowed so much that on later reflection it would seem that the particular closed door may not have been what we initially set out to find and along the way the purpose became askew. It can be a blessing to realise that a door being closed to us could be to our benefit and so it’s time to give our minds permission to wonder about other possible pathways.

Remember that despite this opportunity not opening up for us, we are still perfectly loveable and acceptable and that can never change. A particular moment was not ours for the taking which probably indicates it wasn’t in line with our truth or it’s just not the right time.

Whatever you do, don’t let the disappointment of the closed door temp you to close up your heart. Keep your heart wide open and in the space of receiving and giving and look forward to witnessing what else turns up on your path.

So to all the closed doors in my life; thank you for assisting to increase my view. Thank you for getting me closer to knowing what is rightfully mine and what is not. The greater the clarity and the quicker the lessons learned, the faster I can get to the source of my real belonging.

2 thoughts on “Closed door, open heart

  1. Yes, Katie I’m absolutely agreeing with you on this. At times it’s extremely difficult to find the strength to unlock our hearts to future possibilities , to find the strength to believe in the Universes timing not yours, to have hope that your dreams and prayers haven’t been misplaced or forgotten in this ever expanding human race. It’s difficult but not unachievable. Love you ❤️


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